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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Seeking Hidden Kin in Ohio

Searching old newspapers is a passion of mine.  At least, this activity ranks high on a rainy day or when I stumble across new evidence of a family member.

For years, I have been involved in the Pittsburgh Old Newspaper Project where a dedicated group of volunteers has been reading old newspapers for deaths, marriages, and divorces.  To date, we have indexed and placed over 100,000 deaths online.  The information can be so very useful since the Commonwealth of PA did not start requiring statewide death certs until 1906.  Even then, I have been successful in finding post 1906 death certs and then finding more information in the death notice.

Just today, I have turned my attention to the neighboring state of Ohio.  So many early residents of western PA migrated west after the land was open for American expansion all those many years ago.

Logic now says it's time to wander around Ohio with the locations I know and see what I can find in print to support what I think I know.  A great place to start is Ohio Memory.

Ohio Memory has been diligently working on getting tons of old Ohio information online.  The counties shaded in blue above indicate some digitization of the newspapers has started.  When clicking on the site, you may be directed to Chronicling America.  Chronicling America has long been a favorite place for me to spend many hours looking for those elusive kin. Spend time there as well if you have kin in the area.

Ahh, genealogy.  Gotta run and immerse myself in seeking the hidden past in Ohio.  I'll be wordless the rest of the day as I drink coffee and read and read.....

Ohio Memory,
Chronicling America,

©2016 ASEldredge

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