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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday: Salute to Our Army and Those Who Served

What a day.  Not only is it Flag Day where we proudly flag our flags, today is also the birthday of the United States Army.  The Continental Congress approved 10 companies of riflemen on this date.  However, the first regular infantry regiment wasn't formed until June 1784.

What is really cool, other than the fact that I am an Army brat, is the men in my family have been serving Uncle Sam much earlier than 1784.  Grandpa John SIMMONS(abt 1730-1795) had opened his little tavern on Wall Street prior to Oct 1770.  The location was close to City Hall, which became Federal Hall in 1785, and the seat of the United States Federal Government.

PHELPS book, The Campaign of 1776 Around New York and Brooklyn tells us in August 1775,  there were some firing between the townspeople and the Asia Man of War under Capt. VANDEPUT. Six days after this firing, the General Committee for Publick Service of New York gave leave to Grandpa John SIMMONS and his brother-in-law, Gifford DALLY, to carry on negotiations.

There are numerous other dates of Grandpa John serving America in its infancy found in historical literature.  He had two brothers-in-law who also served America.  One was the above mentioned Gifford DALLY(1742-1798), who in addition to assisting in the 1775 negotiations, also served America as one of the first United States House of Representatives officers as the House Door Keeper(1789-1795).

 John's other brother-in-law is also quite notable in early American history.  Samuel FRAUNCES(abt 1722-1795) owned another little tavern in New York known as Fraunces Tavern.  During the American Revolution, it is documented he provided food for the American Prisoners.  It was at this tavern that General George WASHINGTON bade farewell to his troops after the American Revolution.

While my family has served America, either in the Army or by early deeds, I salute all patriots who have served or are serving America today.

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Ahh, genealogy.  Keep on waving those broad stripes and bright stars in honor of America.

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Phote by AS Eldredge at St Clair Cemetery Dedication of Tombstones for American Revolution Patriots John Henry and James Glenn, 2005.

©2016 ASEldredge

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