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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thankful Thursday: Remember The Eagle Soars Overhead

Each year I spend countless hours watching the Berry College Eagles as they improve their nest and raise their young.  It is a wonderful gift the college has given us as we are able to watch the eagles.

This morning, I looked at one of pictures they posted and thought THIS is America. These birds, the glorious birds, our American symbol, our past and our future.

Americans have fought for this land since we declared independence in 1776 and Americans continue to fight to protect us now.  In genealogy, we spend numerous hours looking at historical records from churches, states, and the military records to try and put these pieces together.

People always ask why someone moved in early America.  Who knows why?  They were protecting their young.  They were looking for the land of opportunity as our young country moved west.  Whatever reason our ancestors had for relocating, I am thankful records were kept by the churches, by families, by history books, and by the legal system.  The best tip I ever got in genealogy was follow the land.

The most fun I have is tracing the land records and other legal records from Massachusetts to New York to Pennsylvania and out to California.

Ahh, genealogy.  Yes, thankful I am to watch the eagles soar overhead as I follow their lead and look at the landscape and the minute details which lead me to new heights.


©2016 ASEldredge

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