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Monday, June 20, 2016

Mystery Monday: Drowning Young at Edgewater Beach

While looking for some 1795 deeds in Allegheny County,  I stumbled across a conversation I had with a 2nd cousin once removed back in 2002.  At the time, Sarah shared some family memories and helped me to understand some more double relationships that seem to crop up in the family from time to time.  She also enlightened me with a sad story of her stepbrother who had died young.

Edward Johnston YOUNG (1898-1919) was the son of George Fleming YOUNG (1850-1912) and Harriet Matthews YOUNG (1868-1927).

The story Sarah shared with me was doing those days, city boys were often sent during the summer to work on farms.  This particular summer, the Great War was ongoing and her stepmother, Harriet Matthews YOUNG (who had remarried Ralph Emerson BULFORD after becoming a young widow), was concerned that young Edward would be drafted.  She asked him to come home and spend time with her before he went to fight for his country, as she expected he would be called to serve soon.

Edward went to a picnic in Oakmont and took his sister, Peg, with him.  He was out on the water in a canoe and jumped in the water.  Evidently, he thought he knew how to swim.  He couldn't and he drowned.

His death cert confirms he died in a canoe accident by drowning.  His sister also had the unpleasant task to provide information for the death certificate.

Unfortunately, the dates in early July 1919 which would have reported his death are not online.  At least, I haven't found them.

For the rest of the story,  Edward J YOUNG, is my 3C1R on his mother's side as his great-grandparents were my 3G grandparents.  Of interest as well is his stepsister's mother, Martha Verlinda BENNETT(1879-1910) who was the first wife of Ralph Emerson BULFORD, is also my 1C2R through Martha's maternal line.

Ahh, genealogy.  Family memories confirmed are like finding a drop of water in a desert.  It doesn't quite quench my thirst, but it helps solve the mysteries of the past.  And leaves me begging for more.

Ancestry. com. PA Death Certificates.

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