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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thursday Thriller: Slain Over a Grudge

Looking at the headlines of today with all the crimes and murders can leave us so very saddened.  Why do folks just have to be so violent?  Good thing the past was always so peaceful.....or was it?

Here's a story about a family grudge gone wrong in 1894.

Ouch.. shot and the body was left for hours until the inquest?  It would appear that J A Coward was indicted for the murder of Madison Connell (1852-1894).  Well, it wasn't the first time he was in trouble.  According to church records, JA Coward was "in trouble" in 1892 for not supporting his church.  He asked to be dropped from the rolls when questioned by the Hebron Baptist Church in South Carolina.

The death of Connell left a widow, Mary E Myers Connell (1849-1918) and three children.

Both men now rest in the same cemetery at the church of their family.  I wonder how close they are in proximity?
Madison C. Connell

Ahh, genealogy. Gotta inspect both sides of the fence when looking at history.

The Florence Weekly Times, November 1894.  Hebron Baptist Church Cemetery, Florence Co, SC

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