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Friday, July 1, 2016

Friend of Friends Friday: Dwarf Negro and Those Terrible Taxes

While perusing the October 5, 1869, Charleston Daily News on the site Chronicling America,
 several articles caught my attention.  As we all know, the end of War of Northern Aggression made for some really tough times for everyone.

In this short blurb, we see an assault made by a "negro lad".  Just a few years before, the article would have read differently, I am sure.  Interesting the negro dwarf, July, was the one arrested.   Was the lad released to go home? Was there no interest in the attacker or was it the gun that was pulled out by the attackee the bigger issue?

The bigger article to catch my attention was about the high taxation on the planters.  Higher taxes lowered their profits.  The article is a discussion on one way to address the problem--  have those who farm the land for the owner pay a portion of the taxes, or better yet, get rid of "Misrepresentatives" of the "radical officials."

There's more to read in this article......

Ahh, genealogy.  Fair taxation. Gee, what a novel idea.  Hey, wait.  Didn't we stand up for this in the past?  Sounds like the conversation lives on and on- even after the early "misrepresentatives" are long gone.


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