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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: 1890 Autograph Book

Cleaning out my father-in-law's abode after we had to say goodbye was hard.  Finding this triangle shaped burnt orange velvet autograph book made it all the sadder as I had so much more I wanted to say.....

The first page of the book tells us that Papa Christmas brought the book in 1890 to a young girl.  This girl was the mother of my father-in-law.

One of the many pages in the book tells us young Hazel used the book over a time frame of about three years.

Ahhh, genealogy.  Thanks for keeping this memento so my children could catch a glimpse of their great grandmother Hazel.  And, yes, I will take off my specs and think of you and the past in Sharon Springs, New York.

©2015 ASEldredge

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