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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thankful Thursday: Celebrate World Book Day with Words of the Past

Joined correctly, letters make words.  Words make sentences. Sentences make books!  How thrilling this is.

Are you thankful for the books in your life?  For me, I am so thrilled to have found so many books either about my family or a mention of my family. 

For years, I have been in communication with my wannabe cousin.  Oh, how I wish he was of my blood.  Alas, there is no hard proof.  The "proof" used in old DAR apps and reproduced freely on that genealogy site we all use is no proof at all.  How can one claim to be a child when there has never been any documentation surfacing?  Just examine the locations they lived and the land.

To make a long story short, my wannabe cousin has written a book about his family and the myth of my family.  It's a great read if you have an interest on truly documenting what is seen and accepted as the truth.

Bill has done a wonderful job of documenting old family lore and comparing it with old documentation.  The addition of DNA testing has confirmed that he is not of my blood, although I will claim him anytime as a kissing cousin.

Archerd Family History, Vol. 1.
William F Archerd

Below is just a sampling of books either about my family or a mention of my family.

Chardavoyne, David G.  A Hanging in Detroit, 2003.
Harbison, Massy. A Narrative of the the Sufferings of Massy Harbison, 1825.
Hill, Frederick Trevor. The Story of a Street, 1908.
Leckie, Robert.  George Washington's War, 1992.
Wall Street Ninety Years Ago, 1921.

Ahhh, genealogy.  Thankful for the many books and the stories they tell.

©2015 ASEldredge

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