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Friday, March 6, 2015

What's This Recipe for Squirrel?

Ever wonder how often our ancestors had to eat squirrel?  I wonder how often it was on the menu.....

Down at Berry College in Rome, GA, squirrel has been on the menu everyday along with some crow and other unidentified body parts.  In fact, I have had the pleasure of seeing it served fresh and frozen.

Want to witness our nation's glorious bird in its habitat with its young?  Take some time to watch this awesome live feed of the eagle family at home.  I've been watching since the little ones were just eggs, and now, I am watching them grow as they eat, sleep and perform other natural bodily functions.  Who knew how far the droppings could fly!  Who knew I would ever be a witness to this wonderful event?

Lunch is over on this Friday afternoon for this little family.  Guess the eaglets really liked mom's recipe.

The live feed is found at

Ahh, genealogy. Preserving our nation's heritage and enjoying family recipe Friday.  What could be better?

©2015 ASEldredge

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