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Monday, March 9, 2015

Mappy Monday: 1865 Survey of Land Around Saw Mill Run

Digging through old files can be fun.  Sometimes, one can find a gold mine, or rather a coal mine wealth of information. 

For instance, just this morning, I found an old email from about ten years ago from a dear cousin of mine, John, which had an attachment of an 1865 land survey taken along Saw Mill Run in Union Twp, Allegheny, PA.

This land was part of the estate of Robert SNODGRASS Jr, (1794-1863) and his wife, Hannah GLENN(abt1797-abt1863).  They are both buried in the Mt Pisgah United Presbyterian Church Cemetery aka Jennings Cemetery in Greentree, Allegheny PA.  Robert was a ruling elder of the church.

In looking at the map, you see the land of Robert detailed as five parcels noted by letters.  To the west of his land is the land of Moses CHESS and to the right is the land of George LOWEN.  To the southeast is land of Achsah SNODGRASS, sister of Robert.  Both Achsah and Robert had received land from their father, Robert SNODGRASS Sr (1754/1758-1797).

Moses CHESS was the son of John CHESS and Mary MIDDLESWORTH.

Suffice it to say I am related multiple times to the names listed above with the exception of LOWEN.  I suspect if I dug long enough, I probably would find a connection of some sort.  After all, he was stuck in the middle with my family blood flowing all around him! 

Ahhh, genealogy.  Mapping the past still brings a mystery to solve.

Note:  The map is still in the possession of cousin John, a direct line descendant of Robert SNODGRASS and Hannah GLENN.  Thanks John for sharing.  Alas, John, has it really been ten years since we walked the land of our beloved families in Pittsburgh? You know how much I adore you!

©2015 ASEldredge

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