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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wordless Wednesday: Frank's Civil War Diary

I've been writing off and on about cousin Frank C DORRINGTON from Allegheny Co, PA.  His picture taken in Washington, DC, just before his regiment moved out after protecting our Nation's Capital during a time of great strife, inspired a mini-series of blogs.  Check out the You, 149th PA Bucktail You tidbits posted previously on Frank and his messmates.  They eventually made their way as they served the Union to a small town in PA called Gettysburg.

Today, I was looking around and found mention of his Civil War Diary.  His diary!  Now comes the hard part.

It was donated to Penn State in 1968 by an Ernest FREY of Pittsburgh.  Hmmm, who is he and why did he have the diary?

As far as I know, old Frank had only the three daughters born after the Civil War and all who died before 1907.  I have also found grandchildren.  But so far, no connection to FREY.  The Ernest FREY I have located did reside close by, but I see no connection yet.  Hmmm, what is that connection?

FREY was an attorney.  Hmmm, what is that connection to the diary?  Looking at his immediate family offers no clues.

I contacted the Penn State Library to see if I could access the diary from far away.  Suffice it to say, no.

I won't give up.  I will find a way to access that diary.  Who knows what tidbits of information I can glean from it?

Ahh, genealogy.  With a rebel yell, I cry more, more, more.  Even if I am wordless on this diary.  It's calling to me and I must answer.

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