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Monday, August 1, 2016

Military Monday: Frank? Is That You? You 149th Bucktail You

Reading the history of our great nation and of the men who fought for our freedom is fascinating.  Take, for instance, one of my cousins, Frank C DORRINGTON, of the famous PA 149th Bucktails.

I have mentioned Frank before and have even posted a letter he wrote in February 1863 to his brother, Joe. The letter in itself is fascinating as it details the life in Washington, DC, as the unit awaited its orders, which were received at the end of the letter.

In looking at the letter again for more clues from the past, I was struck by the mention of a picture he included in the letter.  There are six men in the picture:  " No 1 Ustic ROTHROCK, our bugler, No 2 Dave PHILLIPS, No 3 Boy MAY, 4 I.B. MOMYER, 5 Sam PHILLIPS, No 6 your humble servant."

Just this weekend, I stumbled across a photo of six men of the PA 149th.  Was this taken at Gettysburg?  It seems unlikely as the men were up to their buck tails in fighting. Is this picture the one mentioned in Frank's letter?

Captain James GLENN (l) and his cousin, Frank C DORRINGTON

Frank's appearance changed over the time he was in the Bucktails.  He had been severely injured in 1864 with a gunshot which entered the breast on the left side and exited through the left arm. He did return to duty while the company was near Petersburg and fought until the end of the war.

Ahh, genealogy.  Is it in the eyes? Or is it the bugle seen in number one mention in Frank's letter?  You tell me.

2 Aug 2016 Update:  The men mentioned in Frank Dorrington's letter have inspired a mini-series.  This is now Part 1 of You 149th Bucktail You.


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