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Monday, August 8, 2016

Military Monday: Dave? Is That You? You, PA 149th You

Part 3 in the series You, PA 149th You

Can you imagine the scene after a soldier is left for dead on the battlefield during the Civil War?  It couldn't have been a pleasant experience for either side.  In this case, the soldier was found alive later and sent to the hospital.

David PHILIPS, born May 6, 1835, in Scott Twp, Allegheny, PA, was the son of Henry Hultz PHILIPS and Adeline LONG.  In the Federal Census for 1860, he is living next to Henry and Adeline, and next to Thomas PHILIPS.  The census tells us his wife is Elizabeth and they were married in 1860.

David enlists during the frenzy of local boys joining Captain James GLENN on August 22, 1862.  These boys become the men of Co. D, PA 149th who walked to hell and back during the course of their three year enlistment.  David received a gunshot wound to the head at Laurel Hill, VA.  Left for dead!  For three days!

He did recover and returned to fight with his unit.

From Nesbit's book on the History of the Regiment
After the war, he returned to Allegheny Co, PA, and settled in Wilkinsburg as a machinist.  His wife passed.  Around 1892, he married Anna. He lived his life and passed away Feb. 9, 1913, and was buried at Southside Cemetery.

Why am I looking at him?  The 1863 letter of cousin Frank states he had a picture made with him and four others. Frank's words:     " No 1 Ustic ROTHROCK, our bugler, No 2 Dave PHILLIPS, No 3 Boy MAY, 4 I.B. MOMYER, 5 Sam PHILLIPS, No 6 your humble servant."

Is this the picture?  Look at the man standing behind who I have identified as Ustick ROTHROCK in the first bugle position.  Dave?  I think so.

I located his obit in the Pittsburgh Press dated February 10, 1913.  I thought his survival and success after the war needs a shout out.

Pittsburgh Press February 10, 1913

 Ahh, genealogy.  How many men have survived? How many men have we lost?  Take a moment and remember them all.   Thank you for your service American veterans.

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1860 Federal Census, Chartier, Allegheny, PA   

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