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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Treasure Chest Thursday: Living in a 1913 Wedding

Oh, the horror of it all!  My hard drive crashed and I was devastated.  Over 20 years of genealogy finds were there.  Why, I couldn't think!  What to do?

Joyfully, I had a great backup and was able to recover all the information after the hard drive was replaced.  To thank the wonderful sibling who volunteered to help me during this crisis, I am now going back and looking through the many, many boxes of papers I have gathered over the years.  What this long term exercise is doing is forcing me to reevaluate what I think I know as I look at papers not seen in probably 10 years or so.

In addition to all my boxes of paper I am going through and trying to scan in, I am finding some really cool treasures.  Take, for instance, the wedding book of my spouse's grandparents.  They were married in August 1913.  Opening the pages of the book this morning revealed many exciting treasures for me.  The announcement, the newspaper write-ups, the guests, the gifts, the honeymoon details, and the death of the groom.  While the newspapers don't contain the name of the newspaper or the date, I can use the information I know to locate them.

Aug 27, 1913 Wedding of Hazel and Ralph

These fragile and yellowed pieces of paper link me to the joy of the young couple that have been gone now for 40 years or more.  I never knew them, but I get a sense of them through stories and pictures.  Perhaps, I should take a closer look around my house to see if any of the gifts survived and made their way here?

Ahh genealogy, cherish the beloved hands that took the time to document the times of their lives.  For today, their treasure chest of happiness provides inspiration for me to continue looking in the past to find the future.

©2017  AS Eldredge

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