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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Treasure Chest Thursday: The Power of the Written Word

Finding old written words is exciting.  Finding the scan of the original words online is breathtaking.  Here is just one example of the power of words.

JSBuchanan 1883 letter, received 2013 by email

Written by the Rev. Joseph Smith BUCHANAN in 1883 is a summary of his family.  What strikes me as I reread this great document is the way he starts by mentioning  his (and my)grandpa came from Scotland.  He then quickly moves to the names of his brothers and the role the family played in early Lancaster Co, PA, with the Covenenter Church.  He mentions the services being performed in the house and in the barn......

Of particular interest is he then goes to explain how many of his peer aged kin were elders in the church which later evolved in to the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.

Of course, cousin Joseph was a minister as many, many of his kin have chosen.  He states his grandfather's descendants are like the tribe of Levi with their devotion to God.

Of more genealogical interest on this particular day is his first wife, Jane WADDLE.  She was born in VA around 1813.  She married Joseph in 1841 in Wheeling, WV.  In 1850, they are living in Donegal, Washington, PA, near many, many kin.  She is gone by 1857, when Joseph remarries Ellen CLELAND.

Death Notice of JS Buchanan, found online

I suspect Jane's brother was most likely the Rev. Benjamin WADDLE (1802-1879), who was, yet another, Presbyterian minister and the President of Muskingum College in Ohio.

Why this interest in finding out?  Well, I have more than one connection to the BUCHANAN family as well as the WADDLE family as they keep marrying my kin.  Oh wait, they are my kin, too.  So....

Ahh, genealogy.  More fish to fry as I waddle through the ponds looking for the just the right species.

©2017  AS Eldredge

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