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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Surname Saturday: Digging in Philadelphia's Hood

Going back and looking at old details with an open eye years later can be quite satisfying.  Just this week, someone contacted me regarding some early military commissions he has in his possession.  He just doesn't know why his family has them.  We looked together, and at the surface, I can't figure it out either.

What I can figure out is those commissions belonged to my family of old.  This sent me on a more thorough search of that side of the family.  Ah, all the new uploaded scans and information on the internet made this so much easier than it was when I first started all this some 20 years ago.

Anyway, I decided to go back and look at some of the research others have done on this one particular line.  It wasn't much, but it was enough to send me digging in the old Hood Cemetery and the old Christ Church Burial Grounds in Philadelphia.

Jacob Ashmead, Hood Cemetery, Germantown, Philadelphia, PA

I have more research to do and then I must start drawing some lines on paper to connect the dots.  For, you, see, I also found that my one-line-by-marriage had an officer in the American Revolution whose name I am familiar with.  Why?  Because he was the commander of the unit another one of my grandpa's served in--  the 2nd PA Regiment! This is really neat as that particular grandpa of mine was residing in Lancaster (Chester) at the time.  James GLENN (1750-1813), who is buried at my family cemetery, the St Clair Cemetery in Allegheny Co, PA, was a private in Captain Jacob ASHMEAD'S 2nd PA Regiment and is listed at Valley Forge on the muster rolls.

Let me see if I can sum it up:

Captain Jacob ASHMEAD (1742-1814)-  history tells us he served under Bendedict Arnold  (ouch)
before he was promoted to lead the 2nd PA Regiment.

He was nephew to George BRINGHURST (1697-1752) and Anna ASHMEAD(1708-1760) -his natural aunt.

George and Anna were parents of John BRINGHURST (1726-1795) who married Elizabeth SHUTE (1735-1808).

Their daughter, Margaret (1757-1798) married James SIMMONS (1763-1809).

James, son of John SIMMONS (c. 1730-1795) and Catherine DALLY (c. 1742-1818)--  my grandparents!

With the exception of John SIMMONS and Catherine DALLY, they all reside at Hood Cemetery in Philadelphia.  This cemetery has a fascinating history in its residents.  I hope to go there one day.

Ahh genealogy.  Digging in the Hood now has me mixing the blood of old with current generations.

©2017  AS Eldredge

Leach,Josiah, History of the Bringhurst Family, 1901.

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