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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tombstone Tuesday: Finally! Visiting Grandma 199 Years After Her Passing

Look fellow genealogy family seekers!  It's Grandma!  She's alive!  No, wait...her legacy is alive!

Catharine DALLY SALTER SIMMONS is resting in Rock Creek Cemetery in Washington, DC.  Her tombstone provides the important clue that leads us to her birth year as about 1742!  

I knew she passed away while living at her son, William, house in 1818, as the family gathered for the final disposition of the will of John SIMMONS (d.1795).  But, now, I can see her!

Catharine Dally Salter Simmons, Rock Creek Cemetery

Catharine Dally, my 5th great grandma!

Catharine was the daughter of Hendrick DALLY and Sarah GIFFORD.  Catharine's brother, Gifford DALLY, was the first elected doorkeeper of the first, second and third US Congress (1789-1795).

Catharine was first married to William SALTER, a ship's surgeon, in 1756 at Trinity Church in NYC. The young widow then married a second time in 1758 at Trinity Church in NYC, John SIMMONS the innkeeper.  Their tavern was a two story building located at 63 Wall St, and was directly across from Federal Hall, where our nation's first President was inaugurated.

History books tells us that WASHINGTON ate this tavern before Evacuation Day.

Catharine's sister, Elizabeth, was married to Samuel FRAUNCES, owner of Fraunces Tavern in NYC and the steward at George WASHINGTON's home after the American Revolution.

Catharine and John Simmons (d. 1795 NYC) had six children.

William SIMMONS (1759-1825)
John SIMMONS (1761-1843)
James SIMMONS (abt 1763-1809)
David P SIMMONS (abt 1770-1830)
Stephen Gifford SIMMONS (1780-1830)
Catharine C SIMMONS (1784-1821)

To learn more:

William SIMMONS, Government Accountant

Ahh, genealogy.  Remembering my grandma.  Acknowledging her ties to early America.  Now to get all those wanna-be grandchildren to realize she did not give birth to their grandpa in 1747 at the ripe old age of 5 and her parents did not go to England from NJ to give birth to her and then return to America for the rest of the children!

©2017  AS Eldredge

Photo credit:  Krista AQ & Tommy Thompson

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