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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Three Doors and Five Windows Found in Digitized Homestead Records

It's always a great day when old records are finally available online and at several onsite locations such as the National Archives and the FamilySearch Family History Centers.  Today, one of my trusty genealogy buffs sent a notice that the Homestead Final Certificates for the following states have been digitized and available to search:

David P Simmons Homestead

It's time to have some fun now to sort through these records to see if any stories are unearthed!

So far, I've enjoyed seeing the statements given.  For example:

1)  Head of Family
2) United States Citizen
3) Never borne any arms against the government
4)Never given aid to America's enemies

William Henry Simmons, 1837 land

Ahh, genealogy. No sympathy this Saturday, just a day of wondering about the house with 3 doors and 5 windows built around 1865 in Nebraska.

©2017  AS Eldredge

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Original data: Land Entry Case Files: Homestead Final Certificates. Record Group 49: Records of the Bureau of Land Management. The National Archives at Washington, D.C.

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